Bedford Artist Repairs and Restores 100 year old windows from Downtown Bedford

Bedford Artist Repairs and Restores 100 year old windows from Downtown Bedford

From a young age, Sarah Siepler harbored a profound desire to immerse herself in the world of glass. Today, her visionary aspirations have materialized into Glassy Studios LLC, a venture based in Bedford. Within this creative realm, Sarah dedicates her expertise to the meticulous craftsmanship of producing exquisite stained glass projects and the restoration of these artful windows.

Her artistic journey extends beyond traditional stained glass, venturing into the realm of fused glass. Leveraging her kiln, Sarah masterfully crafts diverse jewelry pieces, showcasing a fusion of skill and creativity that defines her as a consummate artisan. It was during her time in the picturesque landscapes of southern Indiana, alongside the meandering Ohio River, that Siepler's fervor for stained glass rekindled. Enveloped by the serene surroundings, she once again allowed her passion for this timeless art form to shape and define her creative trajectory.

Immersed in a project at Bedford Furniture Gallery, Sarah finds herself captivated by the restoration of two poignant windows. This endeavor holds profound significance as it pays homage to the late Dave Jacobs, the previous owner of the downtown establishment, who passed away at the venerable age of 99 in December of the preceding year.

The windows, adorned with identical Star of David designs, carry a deep sentimental resonance. Originally commissioned by Jacobs' grandfather, the cherished pieces were lovingly conditioned several years ago. Now, with a meticulous touch, Siepler embarks on the delicate process of disassembling each window separately, delicately recutting the fractured portions, and artfully reassembling the intricate puzzle.

In this intricate dance of craftsmanship, Sarah orchestrates her expertise to breathe new life into these cherished relics. As the final strokes take shape, she envisions not just restored windows but a testament to history and sentiment. The culmination will see the creation of a bespoke frame, allowing these windows to once again grace the space they once adorned, imbued with a profound sense of sentimental value.


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