When quoting custom-orders…

I want to bring your vision to life! I will work with you on the design to your satisfaction. If you need direction on what you want, I will help guide you through this process. I understand that some people know what they want and what they like and might already have a pattern in mind. However, there are also those of you who need more direction with this step of the process and I am here to help you. 

I pride myself on my ability to work well with others. I also have a great eye for design, color, and detail. My goal is to make this process easy, enjoyable, and exciting! I even send you progress pictures as I am creating!

Schedule a Consult

How it works

  1. Consult with Sarah.
  2. The client must read through and sign the Design and Quote, Agreement form. This form explains what goes into the commissions and custom-design process and how I charge for my services. 
  3. Once the form has been signed, Sarah will begin designing your stained glass piece and write up the quote. 
  4. If the client agrees to the quote, the client must then sign the quote and pay a non-refundable 50% deposit prior to Sarah beginning the work. This deposit covers the cost of the pattern and fabrication design, research, travel, shipping costs, and the quote, along with the cost of supplies.
  5. If the client wishes not to proceed with the commission, the client must pay for the services performed up until that point as stated in the Design and Quote Agreement form. This includes the cost of the pattern and fabrication design, research, travel, shipping costs, and the quote.

Other things to consider…

If there are aspects of your custom-order that are out of my realm, I will look to outsource. I would research to find the right companies to assist me in performing those services. In other words, I will do my very best to not only make it happen, but create the stained glass product that you are envisioning. I would line up all outsourced services and include them in the quote. 

In the quote, I will list the scheduled payments and amounts if the job is going to be very involved, time-consuming, or costly. Some jobs might only have two payments which would include the 50% deposit and the remaining balance once completed. Others might be split into several payments depending on the job.