We work with commercial and residential clients to design and bring their stained glass visions to life. "Creating with glass is such a privilege. There is no other material that allows the light to shine through, filling spaces with color and evoking childlike wonder." ~ Sarah

Sarah Siepler

Founder and Owner; Master of Stained Glass

Sarah is truly passionate about creating pristine stained glass for others to drool over!  Creating custom-designed pieces for her clients has brought so much meaning into her work. She feels connected to her projects and rewarded upon their completion.

About Sarah:

  • Hanover College Alumni
  • First learned stained glass at Bedford North Lawrence HS (2003-2007) 17 years of experience.
  • Lover of the outdoors, coffee and chocolate!

Bon Flores

Founder, Owner

Bon makes important business decisions and helps guide their business forward. His goal is to provide Bedford with an art studio that operates to benefit everyone involved. 'Its simple really, if you provide a good experience consistently. People will come back." ~ Bon

About Bon:

  • Realtor
  • Entrepreneur